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Food Processing Platforms

Safety Managers and Plant Managers at Food Manufacturing companies have a lot of work to do every day.

Industrial Scale Food Processing companies use large pieces of equipment that cook, bake, chop, grind, boil, and crush all the raw materials that are parts of a final food product. Those processes can be violent to the humans who steer the production along. Keeping workers clear of dangerous areas is a full-time responsibility.

You Get Safety, Cleanliness and Durability when you install an ErectaStep system.

– Work areas around existing equipment should have floor bordering to warn workers who walk through a plant about proximity dangers. Typical colors for floor warnings are black and safety yellow.

– Safety Gates should be installed in areas where a worker should pause before entering the area. Safety Gates are easy to install, effective control mechanisms.
– Work platforms around processing equipment should have better than average fall control. Workers on these platforms should feel safe and contained while they work above operating equipment. The best safety measures include high metal handrails and guardrails that bolt to platforms to prevent a worker from tipping into a machine.
– There should be enough working room on platforms for the workers who sanitize equipment after each production cycle.
– Areas of the plant should be scrutinized for safety hazards. – The loading dock area is a good place to start as well as any area where water can accumulate on the deck. These two areas are prime places to install safety gates, cones, eye-level signs, and warning barricades.
– During Safety Audits, a good manager of a food processing plant will look closely at the platforms that are constructed around processing and packaging equipment. Has any joint or area on the platform gotten rusty or corroded? Do the stairs clean off easily, or is there product embedded into the non-slip areas? Are the fall protection guardrails and handrails loose or jiggly? If any of these areas are deficient, then corrective measures need to be taken.

Call ErectaStep today for “Safety Peace Of Mind”

ErectaStep has been making the finest work and production line crossover platforms for the food processing industry for over 20 years. ErectaStep understands the requirements for sterilizing all installed equipment at processing plants so our equipment can be cleaned and disinfected with ease. ErectaSteps platforms are easy to install and can be configured around any piece of production or packaging equipment. Workers have a safety advantage with ErectaStep platforms.

Call ErectaStep today and get the ball rolling to replace or install a new, safe work platform for production and packaging equipment. We will configure a platform to fit your equipment and give you a price quote instantly. Gain Safety peace of mind by calling ErectaStep today.

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