Being Proactive v.s. Reactive with Safety

Commercial environments make it necessary to implement safety regulations as a means of accident prevention for staff. With the investment of improving safety aspects within the company, it lets staff know that their safety and well-being are important. After all, how could you expect respect from a staff who isn’t first respected by you, the employer, by showing you care for them. All it takes is a few extra steps towards safety for your staff to not only show you care, but it also protects your company.  

Safety Improvements – It’s Worth the Extra Effort

safety takes priority

Providing a safe and healthy work environment is a major component in creating a positive work atmosphere. From a moral standpoint, it is the duty of a company to have the employees’ safety in mind. Afterall, where would a business be without employees? Most likely your employees have a family of their own and the hope and goal is that they give you their all during the day so they can safely return home to their families in the evening.

Consider a serious workplace injury that would ultimately change the life of the staff member and their entire family. Injuries and illnesses derived from lack of precautions from the company could ultimately change the lives of an entire family if the injury is severe enough. Take a moment to consider, on a personal level, how it would impact your family if you received a phone call or knock on the door informing you that your loved one has been injured at work, or even worse, he or she will never return home.

Ensuring the safety of staff not only affects the worker, but also the financial and reputation standpoint of the company!

Reducing Injuries Saves Your Company Money

When taking into account the expense incurred on the company if an employee is injured on the job, it not only costs lost hours in labor and productivity, but an increase in insurance fees and workers’ compensation premiums, not to mention potential legal fees.

An employee injury directly impacts the company’s level of productivity, not only due to the absence of that employee, but also due to the distraction of fellow employees after the unfortunate event.


A Safe Environment = Loyal Workers

Any successful business recognizes that employee turnover or absenteeism directly affects a company’s level of productivity. When a safe and healthy work environment is created, the attrition percentage greatly improves. Get employees involved by asking for feedback pertaining to safety and overall environment. Don’t stop there. When employees see you as a company, implementing measures towards improving the work environment, they will feel respected and cared for.

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