Outside Stairs for Safety Crossover

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Prefabricated Crossover Stairs for a Tank Farm. The set of outdoor stairs on the left are non-compliant and need to be replaced.

Modern fuel pipe crossover outside stairs allows you to access flow control valves at fuel tank farms safely.

There are many horizontal ground level pipes in Tank Farms. Visit any Fuel Depot or Tank Farm that has above-ground storage tanks and look at all the piping that runs horizontal to the ground. Getting around and over those pipes to perform routine maintenance or to access manual shutoff and flow direction valves can be difficult.

Many manual shutoffs and directional flow valves must be accessed rapidly. Therefore, keeping the routes to essential areas, clear and safe, is very important. Workers must get over horizontal pipes and sometimes in a hurry.

How to maximize your workers safety using crossover stairs.

ErectaStep crossover stairs are a versatile, easy to install, solution to keep a route to a manual valve clear and easy to access.
ErectaStep makes crossover stairs that can keep your Tank Farm or Fuel Depot safe for workers and contractors who may be on site.

How to Inspect your tank farm crossover points.
-Inspect your current crossovers. Look for rust and other corrosion, on weld points and other connected areas.
– Is the safety yellow paint on the rails and guardrails vibrant? Are the prefabricated stairs or rails chipped or bent and possibly injurious to hands and feet?
– Is access to the crossover blocked by a cross-chain? Using chains to block access is now a non-compliance point. A safety gate can be added to a crossover easily.
– Are handrails and guardrails solidly in place or do they wiggle or pull back when you tug on them?
– Is any part of the stairway landing platform or outside stairs bent or punctured due to misuse?

These are just a few items you should look for. If it is time to replace a crossover system that has served its purpose or you are ready to install a new unit, of safety stair treads, ErectaStep has an industrial-strength stair solution that can be installed in a minimal amount of hours. Each ErectaStep system is strong and safe from the stairs to the guardrails and handrails. Crossover systems can be shipped today! Call ErectaStep and keep your fuel depot in compliance.

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